The West Manhattan Chamber of Commerce sponsors two major annual Street Festivals on Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues that are amongst the best-loved Festivals on the West Side! This year’s Festival dates are:

34th Annual Amsterdam Avenue Festival – Sunday, May 20, 2018

 42nd Annual  Avenue Festival – Sunday, September 16, 2018

Last year’s Columbus Avenue Festival had an amazing variety of vendors, featuring everything from Italian sausages to Thai food to handmade sweaters and jewelry. Our Amsterdam Avenue Festival likewise has a wonderful assortment of local stores & restaurants, as well as vendors offering a wide choice of crafts, merchandise, jewelry, & delicious food!

These events have a serious purpose as well,  raising thousands of dollars for Grants that are awarded to local non-profit organizations.

We make an enormous effort to ensure that two vendors selling similar merchandise are not in close proximity to each other, or to a similar merchant store on the Avenue. The Chamber utilizes new computer technology that keeps track of all vendors, merchants, sales tax, and placements and has also been updated to provide the City of New York with all the information they require about participants.

The organizing, planning and coordinating of both Festivals is done totally in-house by the Chamber staff,  minimizing our costs, and maximizing the amounts we can give to Grants.  Our Festival Coordinator is responsible for scrutinizing applications, placement of vendors, and overseeing all Festival operations.

Chamber members get 25% off the regular Festival rates, and Avenue Merchants who are members get 25% off the already discounted rates for Merchants. Naturally, you don’t have to be a member to participate.

Click above to request a vendor application. (you must print on a legal size paper)

Volunteers from the Chamber and the community join together on Festival Day to produce a symphony of fun and profitability for merchants and vendors alike. To volunteer, please call the West Manhattan Chamber office at (212) 787-1112, or email us at mail@westmanhattanchamber.org.