Thank you for your interest in the West Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Grant Program. We recognize our responsibility to help our community as City support is less forthcoming, and the not-for profit organizations that make our community the special place that it is find themselves without the resources to do their job. We are prepared to offer Grants to our local not-for-profit organizations for non-repetitive needs, and which will not use the money for salaries.

We seek to support proposals, which fall in the following categories: Education, Health,  Civil/Economic Development, Culture, etc.

The following are the key elements we require as prerequisites for funding consideration:

    •     A clear statement of the problem/need.
    •     What will be accomplished by a particular date.
    •     Reasonable amount of background on the organization and staff who administer the grant.
    •     A general plan for post-grant evaluation.
    •     Evidence of 501(c)(3) IRS status.
    •     A specific dollar request (not exceeding $5,000!).
    •     A detailed program budget.
    •     A copy of your organizations most recent annual financial statement.
    •     A letter from your board chairman or chief administrative officer indicating endorsement of the proposal.

The Following Are Reasons or Subject Areas Which Will Constitute Rejection of a Proposal:

    •     An organization unable to produce evidence of 501(c) tax status.
    •     Religious or politically partisan purposes.
    •     An entity located outside the United States or it’s possessions
    •     Loans or investment funds.
    •     Use of funds for salaries or evidence of the need for repetitive grants.
    •     Veterans or fraternal organizations unless they furnish services which benefit the general public.
    •     Tickets fro dinners, benefits, exhibits, conferences, sports events, and other short-term activities.
    •     Advertisements.
    •     Underwriting of deficits or post-event funding
      Depending upon their date of submission, proposals received are reviewed in May and October. Please allow 6-8 weeks for response time. Because of the large volume of requests, we may respond with a form letter. Proposals will not be returned. Applications  should be addressed to:
      West Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 1028-Planetarium Station, New York, NY 10024

Attention: Grant Committee